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Conference roundup – Sunday

12. August 2007

The final day of the conference is always a little bitter-sweet.
This year, I still kept bumping into people I hadn’t said hello to all week-end yet (yay, I know people!).
on the other hand, people settled into a rhythm, and the talk got more relaxed. People were inspired, we shared pitch stories, and last-minute purchases were made.

In the morning, we had author chats, which I’m a little lukewarm about, mainly because I never know what to ask, and the authors always look slightly uncomfortable and put on the spot. I don’t know. Maybe I need to go to talks about genres I don’t read or write…

After that, I went to the freelance writing workshop, which was very useful, especially the part where they talked money. it’s always refreshing to hear people talk figures, even in a ballpark sense. Seriously, what’s people’s obsession with never talking income? It just means we all get ripped off. But whatever.
Armed with new knowledge, I’m looking forward to working harder on this freelance thing. Even though it’s still very intimidating. Meh. it’s not like I’m not used to pitching and getting rejected. ^_-

After another uninspired lunch (which looked like a regurgitated version of yesterday’s, with the colours being even less appealing), I went to Bronwyn Jameson’s workshop on tension, which unfortunately suffered from annoying technical difficulties, making the whole workshop a bit of a write-off for me.
But that’s okay. i was feeling pretty tired by that stage anyway.
And then Anne Stuart gave her talk. I love her! She is sooo like me (yeah, I know, conceited much?). She even loves Gackt! Yay, J-rock!
There were a lot of “Me too!” moments throughout her speech. it was great.

And then everything came to an end, we said our good-byes, and then a couple of us met up for a last dinner along the beautiful harbour.
The food was great, the company was splendid, and it was jut an all-round good experience rounded off by very bleh hot chocolate at the hotel.
And then three sweeties walked me home, worried that something bad might happen to me.
While the gesture was very sweet, I felt very much like walking *them* home once we made it to my hotel. Clearly these girls were more worried about the surroundings than I was. Still fun though.

And with that ends another conference. my third.
Next year, the experience will be very, very different as I’ll get to peek behind the scenes.

And now it’s time to get back to some serious writing.

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