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Conference conclusions

13. August 2007

Every time you (think you) are returning to something, you will go with a larger set of preconceptions, making it both easier and harder to adapt.
While I wasn’t worried about finding social contact, I was a bit apprehensive about the workshops and what I would get out of them.
Both of these preconceptions proved to be quite accurate. Self-fulfilling prophecies? Maybe. I like to think of it as becoming more certain as to what I want and need out of these sorts of things.

There were no groundbreaking market news, no secret insights or great new ways to make that manuscript shine that extra little bit brighter. That’s okay, I wasn’t expecting that.
I did jot down quite a few ideas during talks (sometimes they were even related to what the speaker was saying at the time), but overwhelmingly, this conference was validation for me.

Validation that being a writer is a powerful thing. That you need to be strong not to be swept away by the currents around you.
Also, something I’ve been suspecting all along, something my dad has taught me from the earliest age: Modesty, especially the self-effacing kind, is for chumps.
If you don’t think you’re great, don’t expect anyone else to think so either.

Also, just because a hotel is in a posh area (well, relatively speaking), doesn’t make the food or the air conditioning bearable.

Resolutions for the new writing year? Stay in touch with friends I only see at the conference and make more of an effort to get some face-time in with people I *can* see more often. Being together in a group is beautifully empowering. As long as it doesn’t become an excuse for not writing…

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