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Back from the conference with a vengeance (and a cold)

15. August 2007

Yay! I’m back!
The RWA conference was fantastic, just as you would expect it to be. The key thing I learned? The more people you know, the more fun it becomes.
It doesn’t matter that I wasn’t up for anything at the awards dinner. I knew two winners, one second-place getter and one third-place getter personally, and that made me so happy!

Good times are other people.

Unfortunately, I came home with the nastiest cold I’ve had in years, so a more detailed write-up will have to wait until I’m not phlegming up the keyboard (yeah, because you so needed that image, huh?).
So rest assured, I made it home alive, and so did two 3kg satchels of FREE books. Which have started the fourth pile of my TBR mountain.

So while I recover, I have to read. It’s all quite tragic, really.

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  1. Robyn E permalink
    17. August 2007 10:26 am

    Oh no – you did get that dreaded lurgy. I must have been hiding under the bookstall with my stash of books when they handed out the cold. You poor thing! Lots of resting and reading over the weekend for you.

  2. Kiki permalink
    21. August 2007 1:52 am

    I’m hiding with you next time. Everybody I know is sick, too. >_<

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