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Old friends and acquaintances

7. September 2007

I was in a nostalgic mood tonight, so I started googling around. After all, everybody’s searchable nowadays, right? Everybody has a website, and if you remember their names, anyone can be found.
So I had a browse around.
One of my closer friends in high school (and one of the few girls I actually enjoyed hanging out with outside of clubbing) is now a tour guide, translator and interpreter back home.
My old stunt buddy is a well-established stunt actor (and his pictures kick major butt, too).
Yet another has a charming site on her family and many children (and holidays).
And then I ran out of names.

I never had many friends at any given time, but the few I had have gone from memory. Half of the people that were so important in my life, I don’t even remember the last name of. Foiled by Google at the starting gate.

Then I found this German friend search engine thingie where you put in your school and it shows you people you graduated with.
Talk about freaky. These are people I hadn’t thought about in years. The popular kids. The well-adjusted ones with the school spirit that cared.
That wasn’t me.

Looking at them made me realise why I write the things I write. Thanks, guys!

And if you’re one of the people from my old life looking me up, why not leave a kind word to show you care…
And if you’re not from MY old life, you’re from someone’s. Why not look them up and tell them you reemmber? Sometimes memories are all we have.

This post is dedicated to another friend of mine that left before I did.

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