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Someone, somewhere, liked an idea of mine!

10. September 2007

Okay, a lot of stuff is happening, none of them related to any of my fiction.
Firstly, Wendy Toliver (, the author of the upcoming “The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren” (aah, superpowers, mi\y kind of book), apparently reads this blog in one of its incarnations and is going to use something I said as part of her talk! Isn’t that incredibly exciting?
She’s going to use the “writing through the ages” analogy. I’m curious what comes from that. who knows, maybe I’ll do a talk on that one day at an RWA! It could happen…

In more actual work-work news, I’m carving out a huge chunk of precious face- (and hand-)time with the current WIP to do a lot of non-fiction proposals.
I think I mentioned before that my non-fiction rejections now match the fiction ones if you count per pitch rather than per query (I pitched multiple ideas in each email, more efficient that way, or so I’m told). But hey. onwards and upwards.

Pitching non-fiction has taught me two important things: (1) Rejections? Get over them. And (2) there are always more ideas.
Good advice for all writers.

Finally, I’m going to submit (okay, first of all write) a piece to a new free humour magazine based here in Melbourne. I’m supposed to hand it in “sooner rather than later”, but with the WIP approaching the finishing line rather rapidly, the piece might have to wait until next week.

And in WIP news, I passed the 3/4 mark yesterday! This was my first time working with a scene-by-scene plan, and it’s been fantastically easy for my short attention span. I made very few changes to the outline, and I think I’ll use this method again.
Of course I say this now, before edits, and before having typed up the words and counted them…

Originally, I was going to do the edits while my parents are coming over to visit (only 3 weeks!), but instead, I’ll be writing something new. It’ll drive me less crazy. And gives the WIP plenty of time to sit and rest.

Nooo, it’s not because I have two more story ideas all ready to be outlined, who said that?

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  1. Robyn E permalink
    12. September 2007 1:31 pm

    You’re on fire Kiki 🙂
    Lots of excellent good news.

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