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Another project drafted

18. September 2007

I finished the first draft of my current YA project yesterday. It was the fastest draft I’ve written to date, and also the most solid.
I did about two weeks of prep before starting, and I had a very detailed (well, for me) outline. The draft itself took me just under a month to write.
It’s 87 A4 pages in longhand, which should be roughly equivalent to 160-200 typed standard MS pages. For a first draft, that’s a fair effort.
I’m going to edit and revise it all through November and then query all the agents that requested fulls from my last project with it. Then the ones who asked for partials. Then maybe everyone else.
I like this project. it combines a couple of things I am very fond of into an exciting mix.
I’ll be working on the hook and blurb this week, and I’ll post it on my website. So stay tuned to learn what it’s all about!

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