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I want to write!

19. September 2007

You know what’s really really hard? Not writing.
Oh, I don’t mean I’m not writing. I’ve got plenty of stuff to write, including an essay/column thingie for the new Cartoonists’ Magazine. Well, it’s called something like that. if you’re in Melbourne, look around for it, I hear it’s going to be in bookshops and the like, but being my usual attention-paying self… Well, me and names. We just don’t go together very well.
And I’m pitching articles for teen magazines (I love teen magazines, everything is bite-sized and upbeat – if you skip the tearjerker piece, which I do), health magazines and local Melbourne freebie mags (I want to write for Boost’s magazine. I have weird aspirations).
But I’m not writing fiction, and therein lies the problem.

You see, if I’m working on a given project, I can tell my brain to shut up and stop throwing ideas at me. “I’ve got this one to write, see? So hold on to that space opera, the epic fantasy novel set in a weird version of medieval China, the Goth girl book and the Clique-ripoff. This book first, mkay?”
It works. Sort of.
But this last week has been the Revenge of the Brain. Seriously, I can’t sleep at night because I’m overflowing with ideas. I’ve already sketched out nine new projects that I think at least have potential. I even have outlining time in my calendar. In two weeks!
So it’s like my brain wants to get as many ideas in there for consideration. It’s like my subconscious is pitching to me, hoping I’ll pick at least one (dozen) ideas for my next book.

You know, maybe I could write a liiiiiittle fiction? Just an opening chapter or two… I’ve got this idea about valkyries…

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