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A new life

14. November 2007

Every time my parents come to visit (a once-a-year month-long occasion), my life gets put on hold. At the time, it’s stressful and draining, and it usually takes me about a week to recover.
But another thing happens. As I’m recuperating from a month of parental supervision (and no matter how laissez-faire your parents are, they can’t help but, well, parent you), I look at my life. I mean, really look at it. And all those niggling little unhappinesses pop into focus.

This year, I had been discontent for most of it. Something was missing, things weren’t quite right. oh, nothing was wrong per se, but there wasn’t enough progress.

So I spent the last three weeks (after the parentals had left) ferreted away. Plotting. thinking. Making plans. Strategising. Scheming.

And guess what? Yeah, I have a plan. Did I say one? I have several! And I’ve already started putting some of them into action.

The biggest change I’ve made was probably with my nutrition. I’m loathe to call my change a diet, as it’s not a short-term fix. I’ve worked out a complete food overhaul and spent about 200 hours studying everything from nutrition to Chinese medicine to work out what foods I should really have in my system. Then came the recipe hunt, and now is actually the first week that I’m trying to implement things.
Dieters will know this, but changing your eating habits is HARD. I’ve been feeling abit unwell, and I get weird food cravings (okay, so what else is new?). but hey, I’m doing something good for myself.

I’ve also looked at the people in my life, and who gives me something good, and who is toxic. I’ve been back in touch with people from my old lives, and that feels pretty good, too.

The last change has been around the house. Let’s be frank about it, my householding skills suck monkey bottoms. Big time.
But I’ve worked out a plan (that’s going to take me three months >_<) to give the place a good, thorough clean. like a very belated, dragged-out spring clean. It’s not easy, but it’s happening.

Finally not so much of a change, but a nice, detailed writing plan keeping me busy until March, with a rough outline until November next year. There are four books on the agenda (not counting the one I’m currently editing), and I’m very much looking forward to that.

Life is full, but it’s rich and shiny. Life is good.

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  1. Annie permalink
    24. November 2007 11:10 am

    Hey Kiki

    Love your blog and kudos on the new goals. I relate to the food craving issues…I’m trying to change my food habits at the moment too.

    There’s are really cool webstie called where you can list your goals and your progress. It’s a very supportive community and not too much of a timewaster.

    Unlike Facebook. Which is totally addictive. I’ll have to add you so I’ll have a writer friend!

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