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Shiny new projects

25. November 2007

Nothing is as tempting as a new project.
Especially since The Book That Refuses To Roll Over And Get Edited is such a problem child.
So of course, all the other books are calling to me.
“Write me! I’ll be fun!” “I’m great research.” “Hey, did I tell you about this boy you should add to my story? He’s fab!”
No. bad stories. Go back to your ideas box.

The good thing is, TBTRTROAGE is getting better with eacha ddition. The bad thing, it’s taking longer and longer to ‘fix’ it each time. I *think* it’s fixed well enough to withstand editing, but you never know. It’s also shaping up to be my longest project to date (apart from Ye Very Firste Booke of Crapola, aka, The Chick-Lit), which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The magazine pitches are getting mildly better, it seems. At least people are replying to my emails now (huge step up from shouting into the void), even if a lot of it is “Thanks, but no thanks.” Some of them have liked my stuff, and quite a few are open to receiving pitches (I cold-queried them asking whether they’d like me to send something).

Baby steps forward. baby steps.

in other news, my pantry, fridge and freezer are now officially filled to capacity with yummies and staples. i have officially become obsessed with foraging and storing. I blame TBTRTROAGE for forcing me to have food on my mind every hour of the day.
That’s right… blame the book…

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