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The joy of tea

29. November 2007

I love tea. I love everything about it, the variety of tastes, the way its fragrance wafts through the house, my tea pot, the ritual of boiling water, watching real tea leaves unfurl and always become much more humongous than I thought.
Oh yeah, and just drinking it is pretty good, too.

We usually have a pot of proper tea (usually a Chinese red (aka black) tea like boulei or tikunayin) on the weekend and keep refilling it all day long. We try and get at least three pots out of every one we set up. Mellow second- or third-brew tea is just so lovely.

But I also adore the simplicity of a bag of fruit tisanes (which are not technically teas), and I must admit, I’ve gone a bit crazy lately as I’m trying to wean myself off fruit juices.
Of course, I would have loved a fancy storage chest, but meh. I’d rather spend my money on actual food items.
Which is where my old box of moon cakes comes in. We’d bought them for the autumn festival (which is obviously in spring here in Melbourne), and the box was too lovely to toss out, so I kept it, hoping I’d find a use for it.
Guess what? it’s the perfect tea chest!

Me and my morning bottle of fruit tea (I make about 1-1 1/2 L at a time with two bags, which I then take with me throughout the day) are very happy indeed.

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