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The road to vegan

30. November 2007

Sometimes, change happens so gradually that when it’s time to make a decision, looking back it’s never clear when you started along this road.
That’s what going vegan was like for me.
It all started with a general dissatisfaction with meat. Eating it would make me feel unwell, unhappy, and unsatisfied. I’d gained a lot of weight, especially since taking an interest in cooking and thus eating more regularly (and proper food with each meal).

Gradually, I cut meat out of my diet. I’d have half the serves the people around me ate. I had no red meat when cooking only for myself. I avoided having chicken.

The health concerns gradually got worse to the point when a doctor diagnosed me with various problems directly related to my meat consumption (after a few partial diagnoses instructing me to only avoid certain meats).

By the time I decided I needed to lose weight (mostly for self-esteem. hey, I’m vain!), I had also reached the decision to not have meat in all sorts of circumstances. When eating alone. When eating out. It then quickly moved to “whenever possible”.
Of course, now I had to learn new recipes to help me in this endeavour. After all, what did I know about cooking vegetarian meals?

Right, there it was for the first time. Vegetarian.
So I borrowed a good dozen books over the span of two weeks. I found podcasts and websites related to vegetarianism. And veganism.

I was brought up (like so many people) believing vegans are malnourished freaks. But the more I read, the more I learned. These people had scientific facts. I had the knowledge equivalent of a witch burner.

I hadn’t lasted three days in my new vegetarian world and suddenly, buying dairy and eggs fell completely off the menu.
It’s only been a few weeks, and I can’t say whether this is a fad or if it’ll last. After all, staying power isn’t exactly one of my virtues.

But just like a handful of other spur-of-the-moment-or-so-it-seemed decisions, this one feels *right*.

I’m still worried about how people around me will react. I don’t feel like telling people. I’m not preaching, nor am I seeking to inspire. This is my choice. it belongs to me.
I know at least three people that will make this choice difficult. One of them already dislikes me. But maybe it’s time to stand up for something I believe in. it doesn’t hurt anybody. but it will make some people uncomfortable.

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