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My first vegan breakfast out

2. December 2007

Kung Fu Boy and I often eat out on Saturdays before training. Our walk takes us past so many cafes anyway that it’s always tempting. So yesterday was my first time trying to find a completely vegan breakfast. Could it be done and not feel crummy?

We picked a little alterna-looking cafe, mainly because the menu posted in the window featured a tofu scramble. Sounded like a fun choice to me.
Kung Fu Boy ordered eggs with lots of goodies, and I asked after the scramble, which didn’t appear on their actual menu.
“Oh, we don’t do that any more, I should change the menu in the window,” our waitress informed me.
I ended up with dry fruit toast and peanut butter and the spiciest soy chai latte I’ve ever had. We’re talking eye-burning peppery goodness.
Guess where we’re not going again in a hurry?

Sunday was much better though. I decided to recreate my own tofu scramble.
I’d gotten the basic recipe from Ken Charmey’s The Bold Vegetarian Chef, which is a fantastic read, by the way.
It’s grandly touted as the ultimate tofu scramble, but we didn’t like it all that much.
The recipe called for miso, which was a nice touch, but in combination with stock, it was way too salty. Kung Fu Boy didn’t care much for the texture, but I thought it was actually quite close to slightly dry scrambled eggs.
Next time I make this, I’ll leave out the stock though, it was just too much.
We had some lovely bagels with it, and it made for a very filling brunchish breakkie.

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  1. Buttons permalink
    6. January 2008 3:17 am

    Hey! You can get a good vegan breakfast at lots of places in Melbourne, you just need to pick and choose from the “extras” on the menu..

    I like:

    Gluttony on Smith St

    Cafe Rosamond, just off Smith St

    Las Chicas in Balaclava

    Soul Food Cafe on Smith St

    Bowl of Soul in Port Melbourne

    those are my best picks 🙂

    I like your recipes, I’m going to try them soon! Nice to find your blog!!

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