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Tempeh temptations?

2. December 2007
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Okay, so everybody’s talking about tempeh.
It’s better than tofu! It’s a great alternative to slabs of meat! It’s just plain great!
So obviously, I was going to try it.

I adapted a recipe I’d been meaning to try but never got round to, fish fillet a la Bordelaise, which is essentially a topping of breadcrumbs, sundried tomatoes and some assorted herbs. It’s incredibly delicious.

I steamed my tempeh before baking it, since I’d read somewhere that it does something good to it. I don’t know.
After that, I followed the recipe’s instructions to make a delicious-looking topping, put the tempeh in a baking dish, drizzled it with some lemon juice, then spooned on the topping.
Pop in the oven and bake. Piece of pie… erh, tempeh.

It turned out alright, and the topping was absolutely delicious.
We had some fried asparagus and sweet potato mash with it. Loooove sweet potatoes.

Kung Fu Boy didn’t much care for the texture or taste of the tempeh, and it did turn out a bit neutral. Next time, I might marinade it beforehand, but this is another recipe we’ll be having again. but maybe only I will brave the tempeh again.

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