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As a matter of cheese.

11. December 2007

Before I eliminated dairy from my diet I, like so many people out there, was addicted to cheese. Especially the expensive artisan kind.
In fact, and again, I’m hardly unique in this, it was one of my barriers preventing me from going vegan. After all, how good could a soy cheese possibly be?

I’d heard, of course, that vegan cheeses (and other soy cheeses that are not vegan because they are made with casein or rennet derived from animals, go figure) could be quite tasty. just not, you know. Cheese.

My local organic food shop (and the only place in Melbourne that I’ve found to not only know what savoury/nutritional yeast is, but stock it, too) has a few cheeses in the back, both dairy and soy. They were also the first shop I saw that had an actual vegan cheese brand, The Redwood Co. Cheezly (a UK import). I bought the tasty flavour, hoping it would be at least edible.

Well, tonight I’m making veg lasagna. what a perfect opportunity to try the cheese! Even if it doesn’t taste too good, the lasagna will help it along.
I tried a tiny bit of the cheese as I was grating it, and holy cheese gods, this stuff is GOOD! And I’m not talking good as in, yeah, it’s acceptable if you can’t have the real deal.
No, it’s good good.
The flavour, texture, smell and taste are similar to a semi-aged goat’s cheese, creamy, white and pungent without a strong aftertaste. It’s a delightfully crumbly cheese, and would probably spread.
It’s as good as some goat’s cheese I had earlier this year (pre-Vegan times), and given the choice between the two, I would have found it hard to choose back then.

My food shop has two more flavours, Cheddar and mozzarella. Once I’ve finished this cheese (there’s 3/4 left, and now that I know how good it is, that won’t last long), I’m going back for more.

Looking for cheese? Go get it. It’s awesome.

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