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It’s so good, you can eat it raw!

12. December 2007

Who loves chocolate?
Okay, silly question. I picked up this chocolate bar at my local organic shop, mainly because I had no idea what Camu Camu could be (and neither did the sales girl).
Turns out it’s some sort of tropical fruit that’s usually ground into a powder. I can’t say I tasted it, but the chocolate bar itself was pleasant.
It was rather grainy, so if you prefer a smooth, velvety choc, this might not be for you.

According to Living Earth’s website, this particular chocolate is made with ‘raw’ cocoa. Maybe that’s why it’s grainier.
The chocolate taste is rich and fulfilling, and a small piece goes a long way.

It’s certainly pricey, but it’s a great organic Vegan chocolate without any nasties, so if you’re looking for something different to get your cocoa fix, give this little baby a try.

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