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Brussel sprouts for non-believers

14. December 2007

Do you hate brussel sprouts? Me too!
Or I did until I tried them again.

I’ve been shunning this little brassica for over 15 years. None-too-fond memories of stinky, bitter, boiled monstrosities came up whenever someone mentioned the dreaded “rose cabbages”.
But hey, food is all about conquering fears, and when I saw them on special at my local farmers’ market, it was time for me to get with the program.

Fortunately, my palate must have evolved over the last 15 years (as has my culinary knowledge), and just between us, these are not only the best brussel sprouts ever, tehy may very well be my favourite vegetable, too!

a dozen or so brussel sprouts per person
dark soy sauce
maple syrup
pistachies, chopped
spring onions, chopped

Discard the hard ends and any limp leaves on your sprouts so you are left with firm, good looking little cabbages. Split them in half length-wise.
In a bowl, combine the soy sauce and maple syrup.

Heat up a non-stick pan (with some oil if you prefer, I used a Tbsp of water instead) and set your sprouts cut-side down in the pan. Keep them single layer, you can always cook them in badges if you have to.
Let them sit on medium heat without stirring for a while until they look slightly wilty. Shake the pan. if the sprouts move around easily, pick one up and check the underside. You want a bit of browning happening.
once browned enough for your liking, add your sauce and spring onions.
Stir gently until the sprouts are well coated. Cover the pan and lower the heat. Turning and stirring occasionally, cook your sprouts until just tender (try them!). Then stir in your chopped nuts and serve as is.
I had them on their own, they were that good. They would go well with plain potatoes or some tofu cubes or shredded tempeh.

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