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Marrow filled with chana dal

19. December 2007

This was another one of those “I sure hope it tastes better than it looks”.
My local market had marrows on special, and since I’d never cooked with them, I *had* to try them.
Yeah. Turns out that filling these babies isn’t nearly as fun as filling pumpkins (mainly due to the fact that marrows don’t taste nearly as fun, either).
We made a simple chan dhal (Indian dish made with split chick peas), which was very spicy. Note to self: taste-test new curry powders better!

There’s no recipe for this dish mainly because I played the whole thing by ear.
I roasted the marrow for about an hour and it was still underdone.
The dhal was okay but not great, and the bok choi we steamed with our quinoa as a last-minute greens addition is looking rather limp. On the fun side, though, the quinoa invaded the steamer basket, so we were left with a rather funny concoction once we lifted the lid.

Definitely not one of my better efforts, and I won’t be getting another marrow in a hurry.

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