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New year, new plans

9. January 2008

I took a few days off over the holidays to look back at my goals, accomplishments and shortcomings over the last year, and to plan out the new year as far as writing is concerned.

The Book That Kicked My Butt meant I didn’t write quite as many books as I wanted, but I certainly made my pages. Overall, 2007 wasn’t a great year, but reasonably productive. It was also a year for career advancement and has opened up all sorts of avenues that weren’t there before, from detailed correspondence with agents and editors to regular column writing gigs to better networking. I also learned lots of things about the craft that I didn’t know before.

I read a lot of books (and am still catching up on reviews) and made some very important personal choices towards a better me.

I like making (and talking about) New Year’s resolutions. I posted the ones last year on this blog.
How did I go?

  • Finish Enter The Parrot
  • done

  • Find an agent to represent my YA writing
  • failed, but not for lack of trying

  • Find a temp agency that can hook me up with regular work
  • done, but then I didn’t like it, so I quit

  • Get the lion dance team together and make sure that everything looks professional
  • done, and they’re doing very well. okay, so ‘professional’ is a bit of a stretch, but hey.

  • be a better friend to the people I’ve neglected
  • yeah. Failed most spectacularly

  • Become more active in RWA
  • I’m on the committee for this year’s conference, so I’d say that’s a success.

  • Enter 10 contests/final in 1 (whichever happens first)
  • Finaled 2x, entered 4.

  • Read at least 50 YA books over the course of the year
  • I read 67.

  • Start one YA project
  • The Book That Kicked My Butt. So done.

  • Submit two more category romances to Harlequin
  • Thanks to Blaze’s rather sluggish responses, it was a close call, but done.

  • Plan/write two category romances
  • Only did one, thanks to TBTKMB

  • Move house
  • Failed. House prices are ridiculous and money is tight, to say the least.

  • Find a group of people to play mahjong with regularly
  • Failed. >_<

  • Study Canto in a more structured environment
  • Failed

  • Lose 5-10 kg (Come on, everyone wants to lose weight/shape up/whatever in the new year, right?)
  • done, in the last two months, no less.

  • Clean more
  • Errh… maybe done?

  • Sleep more efficiently, i.e. less but better
  • I wish. Failed.

Okay, so I passed 10 of 17. That’s not too bad, is it? Well, okay, it is.

Time for some new resolutions.

In 2008, I intend to:

  • Submit TBTKMB to all the agents on my ‘good’ list
  • Get an article published and get paid for it
  • Find a group of people to play mahjong with (seriously!)
  • Pick up a new sport or other means of exercise
  • Write 3 more YAs
  • Write 2 category romances
  • Submit at least 2 other projects to publishers/agents
  • Perform at least 3x with the lion dance troupe
  • Read & review at least 50 YAs
  • Post at least 35 recipes on my food blog
  • Travel overseas in November/have the money to do so

A shorter list, but I think the goals are somewhat more achievable. of course, i say that now.
Do you make new year’s resolutions? Do you stick to them? How did last year’s go?

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