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Yogurt quest #1

29. January 2008

I love the texture, mouthfeel and taste of yoghurt, and so far, none of the commercial brands are satisfying my cravings in quite the right way. It’s time to get creative.

Trial #1, January 30th

2 cups soy milk at room temperature
1 Tbsp yoghurt starter culture
1 Tbsp agar powder
1 tsp agave nectar

1) Heat 1 cup of soy milk in the microwave until just boiling. Stir in agar to dissolve. Add second cup of milk, stir in yoghurt starter. Mix well. Add agave nectar.
2) Cover and leave out overnight

Very creamy, pleasant mouthfeel, almost like unwhipped cream. Rich and satisfying. only the slightest of tangs, pleasantly sweet. No beany taste left over from the milk.

Needs more tang. Probably the starter wasn’t enough.

NOTE: This is an ongoing project.

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  1. VeJo permalink
    29. January 2008 11:28 pm

    Hi Kiki,

    I followed you over from a post on the vegan freaks forum, but I’m not following you, honestly.

    I too am on a quest for home-made vegan yogurt, and tried one I found very satisfying this week – made simply from raw cashews and water, pureed, left in a warm place for 5 (or so) hours, and then in the fridge overnight. It tastes similar to traditional greek yogurt.

    I’m from Melbourne, but am spending a year in Edmonton, Canada. Not much in the way of vegan lifestyle here (Alberta is beef country)–miss Melbourne very much. It’s a vegan haven, I’m beginning to realise.

    Cheers, VeJo.

  2. x-littleepicure permalink
    6. September 2008 7:18 pm

    yay I’m so happy I found this, I’m going to try it right away! Ive been going mad trying to find something. All the ones I’ve tried are less than o.k.

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