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30. January 2008

I’m tired.
There are a lot of things going on in my life that add to my stress, and there doesn’t seem to be enough productive downtime.
between my new Blaze project, the YA that’s going out to agents next week (finally!), the outline for the next YA, recipe development for various magazines and pitching articles, my work days are quite busy. Add to that kung fu training that’s less-than-relaxing (and I don’t mean that in a physical sense, unfortunately) and a lion dance team that’s still trying to get off the ground and there isn’t much time left for anything else.

Then between friends moving away or just dropping off the face of the earth for various reasons, and me not being a great friend in the first place (ask me about that some time over a cup of cocoa), my downtime consists of cleaning the house, gardening and playing DS. I don’t even find enough time to read! At least audiobooks are something I can take with me as I hike from one appointment to the next. Hey, I might have had to cancel my gym plans, but I can still walk my 10k/day in errands.

I’m not sure what the solution is, but I’m going to find it. Later. once the articles have found a home and the Blaze and YA are out of my hands.

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