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An interesting review

21. April 2008

This review was brought to my attention on the Vegan Freak forums. Arguably, it’s less of an actual review and more of a self-reflecting essay, but that’s okay.
But there were a couple of points that rubbed me the wrong way, but above all was this one:

Maybe one day vegans will get a master chef on their side who can create some food worth sacrificing for, but I’m guessing the movement does not attract people who feel passionately about food.

No, of course no Vegan would ever be passionate about food! That’s why so many of us spend hours upon hours in the kitchen, tinkering with recipes, trying to find a way to satisfy our tastebuds without adding cruelty to everything.
Of course boxed mac n’ cheese is going to be more satisfying to the uninitiated palate than freshly cooked, delicate plant food. That’s the whole point of the food additives industry. They spend millions developing chemicals that go straight to our brain like so much salty-sweet crack.

So if you have a short-order cook’s palate, don’t go bashing the saltlessness of a dish containing real ingredients.

And if the flavours are too soft for you, maybe you should have tasted along the way before serving sub-par cooking to your unsuspecting guests.

Not master chef wisdom, but first year culinary school mantra: Taste, taste, taste everything you prepare, every step of the way. Duh.

I’ve just read Veganomicon cover-to-cover, so I’ll be posting my own review here soon.

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