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Hardcore Boot Science

4. June 2008

I love that my snowboarding boots are hardcore. In fact, they are Hardcore Boot Science, which is very reassuring, right?
I mean, if I would want anyone protecting my feet, I wouldn’t want them to be casual about it.

Why am I talking about my boots in June? Well, because I’m wearing them right now, of course. First of all, they’re new, so they need to be worn in. This is so that I won’t have incredible toe pain on day two of our trip. Secondly, it’s absolutely freezing right now and my office doesn’t have a heater.
For some reason, people in Melbourne aren’t aware of the fact that it does actually get cold in winter, and their houses are often equipped with one measly heater that is absolutely not enough to keep even the room it’s in warm.

But of course the main reason why I’m clomping around in my snowboarding boots around the house (and cause my cat to fall off the couch every time I stomp by to get more tea)?
They’re pink!
And everybody knows that wearing pink will make you write better. Not that I’m writing right now. but maybe it’ll help with editing, too.

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