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2. July 2008

Do you like words? Clouds of words?
I know I do, so when the cool chicks over at YA Fresh were showing off their Wordle creation, I had to get one, too.
Apparently, these are the words that appear most in this blog. Uh… I think I need to talk about happier things. And kittens! Lots of kittens, methinks.

Apart from having fun with words online, I haven’t been up to overly much. Just getting more and more psyched that our snow trip is only a month away (yay!). plus, they’ve had first snow. Snow is awesome.

I’ve also just started reading Meg Cabot’s Airhead. it’s too soon to form an opinion about the story itself yet, but I’m kind of sick of how the UK/Aus cover looks so similar to Tommy Sullivan. I mean seriously, what’s with that?
Bright pink and silver swirls are only fun for so long, you know?
I liked the US cover… *pout*

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