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Be careful who you step on as you head up in the world.

4. July 2008

This account of an editor’s lunch with a prospective client shows you just how easy it is to make an ass of yourself.

Sure, everybody believes deep down inside that they’re the most special person in the universe. We’re all the heroes of our own stories. And obviously, if we’ve produced any kind of work, we’re kind of in love with it, and just like with ugly children, we hold onto the belief that everyone else should see them for what they truly are, too.

Okay. So maybe you really are important. Maybe your book really is that great. Then why in blazes can’t you have the good grace to be courteous to someone who quite clearly admires you and your work? Why would you go and tell someone that their opinion is not valued, not important, and in fact, merely the opening assessment for bigger and better things.

This actually kind of ties in with my last blog post. I’d rather have someone be super excited about me and my projects than just a big name to whom I’m merely a statistical blip somewhere along the line.

You don’t have to sell yourself under value. But you don’t have to put other people down to make yourself feel great, either.

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