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10. July 2008

Do you ever feel like you owe other people your time/efforts? Do you bend over backwards to please those around you?
Yeah, me too, and it’s a bad thing.

On average, I spend 40 hours a week on my fiction, 15 on non-fiction and 15 hours at kung fu (including getting there and back, and any planning that may come up).
You don’t have to know how many hours are in a given week (psst, it’s 168) to know that doesn’t leave a lot of spare time.

This article breaks it down as well, and it basically says that after sleep and food and exercise, there’s only about 100 hours left in the week. Well, I’m taking the 5 hours/week of exercise back from him, since I don’t ‘exercise’ in a gym or anything, and all of my exercise in a given week is double-duty.

So I’ve got 105 hours in a week that I can spend between work, play and everything else that needs doing.
So 40 hours of fiction and 15 hours of non-fiction leave me with 50 hours. Just work alone takes half of my available time each week, non-negotiable.

Kung fu takes a third of that remaining time at 15 hours. 35 left.

I walk everywhere I can, including shopping, adding up to about 10 hours a week at least.
25 hours left.

reading is an important part of my life, and I try to read at least a book a week. Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to spare more than 5 hours a week most weeks (sometimes I cut back my work hours to get more reading time).
20 hours left.

Video games are my other pastime, and they double-duty as spending time with my friends and/or boyfriend. Probably about 10 hours a week.

That leaves me 10 hours a week for everything else. Blogging, coffee, chatting, playing, cooking more ambitious food, eating out, podcasting, cleaning etc.

So I’m afraid that’s why when you ask me if I have time, I usually go “Uh….”

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