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For the love of lentils

21. July 2008

I adore lentils.
Even when I was a primary school kid, feeding myself with canned soups, lentil was always a favourite.
Okay, so the common lentil cooks up as one ugly pulse, all grey and sluggish. But the taste! Mushy, creamy, savoury goodness that lends itself so well to slow-cooked flavours like dried herb blends or a nice curry powder.

Since going vegan, I have greatly increased my lentil repertoire, from the caviar-like beluga lentil to the refined blue puy and the gorgeous red lentil seen in many south Asian cuisines. You can usually find two or three varieties (along with many, many beans) in my pantry.
I love cooking with them, whether making a stew, curry, soup or dry-fried vegie medley.
I love their hearty flavour, their texture and above all, the fact that unlike beans, I don’t need to soak these tasty babies.

Lentil power!

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