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The hidden meaning in your name

21. July 2008

Did you know that what name you go by can say a lot about your personality?
Yeah, no duh.
But did you know that the actual *sounds* of your name will give you a clue as well?

This page talks about the consonant sound(s) and vowels in your name’s stressed syllable (or only syllable, as the case may be) and what it says about you.

For example, Kiki is unstressed (or stressed on the first syllable, if you want). Not that it matters, since the syllable is KI. K plus short I.
Which means:
‘short i’ – moves up-up-up, light and a bit tense
‘k’ – a room where some things are allowed in or even captured, and where other things are definitely not cool. The ‘k’ is in the know and keeps its secrets. It’s the most caring and intimate of letters, but when it’s not careful, ‘k’ gets snobby and cuts people off.

I must admit, I’m liking this.
What’s in your name?

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  1. Freya Croft permalink
    11. September 2008 11:30 pm

    OMG! I love this stuff!
    my stressed bit is “ya” so I’m naive, trusting, energetic, and expansive, balanced and flat.
    Energetic and flat? that must be the enthusiastic tv watching I do!

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