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Get your board on!

27. July 2008

Only a week to go until it’s time to hit the slopes for winter fun. I’ve got my gear, a week’s worth of dried food goodies and a DS for the looooong bus trip up into the mountains.
I’ve got some brand new gear this year (including a helmet and boots!), so I’m excited to try it all out.
Last year was my first year snowboarding (after three years of skiing), and while I didn’t lack in enthusiasm, my skill was, well, varied.
But never fear! this year I intend to get the hang of that whole staying-upright thing. No more going face-first down a black run of doom for me. Well, okay, maybe.

This year, we’re also joined by a bunch of people from kung fu, so I expect the weekend to be especially made of awesomeness. And soreness.

I’ve got a week of LOTS of editing work ahead of me, so maybe the next time you’ll read from me, I’ll be enjoying a metre of fresh, powdery frozen goodness — face-first!

All you snow bunnies out there, got any last minute tips and tricks I should know about? How do you get your boarding (or skiing, or tobogganing) groove on?

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