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The Wild Rose Press takes its reputation seriously.

30. July 2008

The Wild Rose Press, a small electronic and print romance publisher of impeccable taste (after all, they are *my* publisher), takes its public image very seriously.
It’s alos a publisher that goes out of its way to communicate with its authors, trying to address any and all problems as they arise. Authors are on a special announcements-from-the-boss e-loop where issues are brought up as they relate to TWRP in general.

This morning, I found a post pointing towards Piers Anthony’s website, where he talks about TWRP in his list of publishers. Apparently, someone has pointed out to him that TWRP are slow to start edits, taking up to a year.

Well, I want to chime in there, too. Obviously, I don’t speak from vast experience, but I speak from mine.
TWRP and everyone of their staff that I’ve had contact with has been courteous, friendly, fast and enthusiastic. My edits for Enter The Parrot got started within the month, and I’ve gotten the feeling that it’s me that’s the limiting factor, not the other way around.
The artwork was fast and fabulous, and all communication has been punctual.

Enter The Parrot is not finished yet, but I’m very confident that things will go well from here on in. And if they don’t, I am assured there are ways to communicate with the publisher directly.
What more can you ask for?

What’s your experience with either TWRP or your publisher and their reputation? Justified, or not?

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