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It’s a digital world.

1. August 2008

I like to think of myself as a late early adopter.
I’m not fast enough to be one of the first to get into a new technology, but I usually get an item just before it takes off amongst the geeky.
Enter the e-reader.
After handheld gaming (you should see our Graveyard of Old Consoles and Handhelds) and iPod, mobile reading and writing was the next step to go.
Laptops always struck me as supremely unsatisfying, and PDAs were just so…meh.
But I’m incredibly excited about my new, shiny iLiad. I have high hopes that it’s going to make both my reading and my writing life a lot easier.
It’s charging right now, but expect more detailed reviews over the next month as I bring to you
The iLiad Odyssey!

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  1. Kiss Carson permalink
    17. August 2008 10:17 am

    Hey Kiki! Just thought I’d pop in for a bit of a chat! Like you, my experience with The Wild Rose Press is nothing short of FANTASTIC! I have replies about manuscripts within the time frame that my editor states, my edits are handled with nothing less than the professionalism I expect from a publisher … and they’re all very, very lovely people! Hats off to Rhonda and everyone at TWRP.

    Kiss Carson
    check out my new webpage

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