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Snow 2

4. August 2008

This is my second year boarding, and it’s no secret that last year, I didn’t do so well. While everyone else was whizzing off to deep blue runs unknown, I was still struggling in the slow learners’ group. but hey, my butt got a lot of close, intimate contact with my favourite element, so it was all good.

This year, I came more prepared. Helmet, impact shorts, wrist guards, you name it, we brought it. And boy, was I ever glad I had this stuff.
The nice lady at the shop said she could make do with anything but her padded shorts, and after a day with them all I can say is, she’s SO right! Ther’s a tail saver if ever there was one.

I’m also proud to report that this year, I’ve been doing much better, and blue runs are not just within my reach, but perfectly awesome, too!

We went and explored the far reaches of Hotham today, including one very scary steep bowl that leads to a fun blue side of great runs through trees and all sorts of interesting terrain. What an awesome playground.

Of course I was too nervous getting down that bowl to take a photo of it, so here’s a random shot from once we actually got there instead.

Jealous yet?

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