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iLiad – writing

2. September 2008

It’s an e-reader. yeah, we all get that. but did you know that the iLiad is also an e-writer?

I usually write everything in longhand first, then type it up on the computer. this is a hellishly time-consuming and annoying task on so many levels.

Enter the iLiad with its awesome handwriting recognition software.
Okay, maybe not awesome. But good. Definitely good.

You have to buy the software (you can trial it for a month first), and basically, it allows you to write directly on teh iLiad’s glass surface and save your notes. Once back at your trusty PC, you can upload your notes and use the scribble program to transform everything into typed text. Perfect!

Well, except for the fact that I write both quickly and illegibly, which means I can’t replace my paper writing with iLiad scribbles. But I *can* replace typing up my notes with writing them out again slightly more slowly and neatly onto my iLiad. it’s probably about the same speed as just typing them up, but for some reason, it drives me slightly less nuts. Also, i can do it anywhere, which is really convenient when I’m out, have written all I’mcreatively capable of in a given day, but still haev time before kung fu training.

So the note-taking function is a definite time-saver in the long run. But you have to have rather specific needs from it. My recommendation: trial the software first to see if it’s useful to you at all.

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