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What is a “nice deal” anyway?

27. September 2008

This ancient blog post sums it up greatly. The ‘deals’ you read about at Publishers Lunch are just so completely inadequate. What does it even mean?

So a few years ago, a bunch of writers came up with their own, much more evocative descriptions of the kinds of deals writers are likely to face.

I don’t know why talking about money is such a problem for writers, but at least we could do with some of the euphemisms when we’re amongst ourselves, couldn’t we? Is it really such a problem to share with people that the long-anticipated deal we got was actually a ‘shitty’ one? Maybe it’ll dampen some of the “Whoo, you rock” enthusiasm you get on e-loops, but then again, maybe not. Maybe it tells people where you’re at with your writing, your stories and your willingness to beat the odds and get published.

So tell me on the new scheme, what kind of deal would you accept? What have you gotten?

And how low is too low for your best work to date?

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