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Between projects

30. September 2008

Today is my day of. My first real day off since about April, if I’m honest.

Taking care of yourself as a writer is important. In contrast to working for someone else, no one informs you it’s time to head off for the night. There is no such thing as ‘week-end’ when you have a deadline.

Whether you fit your writing work around other commitments (and most people do), or whether it’s just you versus teh keyboard all day, every day, you need a break.

Hey, you *deserve* a break. Most serious writers I know work so much harder than almost everyone else. Even when they’re not putting words on paper or screen, they’re working in their heads, mulling over plot points and characters, reflecting on critiques, doing market research.
Every time they read a book, they are always half studying it. Some writers I know can’t read in their own genre for pure enjoyment.

If you were an avid reader, could you bear to lose your favourite hobby and turn it into work?

It reminds me of people working in the gaming industry. They are avid gamers before they get into it, and afterwards, they’ll forever be looking at games from a design point of view (I know I do).

So what about you? As a writer, is reading different for you? As a reader, do you ever stop to think about the craft, or can you just get lost in the story? Do you think you can do both?

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