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Moving forward

2. October 2008

After a lot of introspection (and hours upon hours of very therapeutic gaming and cat-patting), I’m finally ready to move on – to my next project!

That’s right, I’m finally starting on something new and fresh. There will be no more editing for me until December! Whoo!

Okay, okay, no more editing on projects other than Parrot (waiting for ARCs, I think) and TC (getting revisions requested).

I haven’t written a solid chunk of shiny new words in so long, I woke up this morning at 5, thinking of writing.
I still have some pre-writing work to do, but I’m definitely starting my NaNoWriMo early. And not just because I’ll be away for a week, and then my parents are here, severely limiting my writing time. ^_^

Okay, hands up! Who’s committing to NaNo? I know at least two people who read me are doing it. Commit! Tell everyone what you’ll be writing and we’ll have a proper party all through November right here on this very blog.
You’ve always wanted to come to a blog party, right?

So, my NaNo project: Valkyrie, first draft. 60k, starting 13th October. I’m committed. Are you?

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  1. dianecurran permalink
    3. October 2008 2:53 pm

    Sometimes I think I should be committed. Definitely all my real life writing friends think I’m absolutely crazy for even considering Nanowrimo, but this will be my 6th Nanowrimo (plus the 50ks in 30days we did in June) and I am absolutely hooked. Fast writing is a drug.

    Now to learn the secret of fast editing….

  2. 3. October 2008 8:26 pm

    Why do they think you’re crazy? because you’ve done so many?

    I used to love doing BIAWs on romaus, but haven’t done any in ages. I tend to write fast on my own anyway, and this year, my writing month coincides with NaNo, so I’m excited for it!

    oooh, I’d love to know the secret of fast (or at least efficient) editing, too… -_-

  3. dianecurran permalink
    5. October 2008 3:54 pm

    because most of them only write short stories and they can’t imagine writing that fast. or making that sort of public commitment.

    have you read holly lisle’s articles about one pass revision? they’re pretty good, but I still need to keep coming back to mine. I always spot things the 2nd or 3rd time that I didn’t see the first.

  4. 6. October 2008 10:56 am

    I remember reading it ages ago, but I couldn’t handle it back then. I don’t have the best long-term concentration… Might give it another shot after this round of writing though. Maybe it’ll work!

  5. 8. October 2008 5:47 pm

    Well I think it’s great that you are doing this – joined in June and still recovering 😉 but maybe next year. I’ve got editing to do so want to concentrate on that. Good luck Kiki (and Dianne!!)

  6. 9. October 2008 9:12 am

    Good luck with your edits, Eleni!

  7. 9. October 2008 2:59 pm

    Thanks Kiki – it feels like the never-ending-project to be honest. 😉

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