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Spring cleaning

6. October 2008

I hate cleaning. Anyone who’s known me for an interesting amount of time knows how messy I am. A tidy house, or even a tidy work surface, are usually quite beyond me, and if you see my place in a clean, tidy-ish state, you can safely assume something is up.
Like my mum, the only time I really clean is when I’m upset. And given that I’m generally a very happy person, I don’t get upset very often, or at least not long enough to find the rubber gloves. 

But even I can’t live in this mess any more, so it’s spring cleaning time. I’m optimistically taking it one day at a time, but I *know* it’s going to take me all week. Bleagh.

Today, I managed about half of the kitchen and the lounge. They’re both not finished (I’m better at starting than finishing, gee, sounds familiar?), but they look what I’d call clean. Very rewarding. Tomorrow, I’m taking a pitchfork to the office. once the paper piles get too high for you to step over, it may be time to tidy and toss.

I look forward to having a cleaner space. I don’t look forward to getting it there.

Clean freak or messy missy, which one are you?

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  1. dianecurran permalink
    6. October 2008 4:13 pm

    Yes I’m definitely a messy sagittarian and I live with a virgo who wants clean, but is not organised. Sort of a good thing, because he washes up and does all the washing while I cook but he’s regularly losing stuff.

    Forget one day at a time, Kiki, 15 minutes at a time according to Flylady.

    I decluttered my writing room last year. Here’s the blog post with before and after photos:

    It’s pretty well back in a similar condition to the before photos, and part of the reason is that I hardly ever write in there anymore. I tend to write on the lounge with Vh1 playing music.

    Anyway, I did vow to find some surfaces this weekend, possibly not in that room, and I’ve still got a couple of hours left so…

    And then I’ve got to clean at work, because we’re moving buildings in 2 weeks time and I’m not allowed to take half the junk I’ve got sitting in my desk and drawers.

  2. 7. October 2008 8:26 am

    Oooh, your office looks just like I thought it would.
    Good idea about the before and after shots, I’ll do that, too.

    I remember reading about those 15 minutes a day. but that’s *every* day! I really should, but there’s so many things that are “just five/ten/fifteen minutes a day.” >_<

  3. 8. October 2008 5:44 pm

    Well I do like things being tidy, but can definitely live in a mess – as my trusty study would attest to. Have just done a major clean up myself, though I still have a long way to go – yes, I’m Eleni and I’m a hoarder…..

    And yes Dianne, Flylady says 15 minutes at a go….. and set routines (that’s probably my problem, no set routines). And yes, 15 minutes of this with 15 minutes of that – it does add up Kiki….


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