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The joy of spring food

8. October 2008

Wednesday is market day in my world. I go to my local community market and see what’s in season. If you don’t shop at a farmer’s market or local community market, go find one. Today. Trust me, there will be one in reachable distance. Don’t buy your produce at teh supermarket unless you are really, really desperate. it only looks like food, and, like most things from the supermarket, it tastes like shiny cardboard. Bleagh.

I got some gorgeous rainbow chard today, and the nicest salad bouquet (don’t you just love the way lettuce looks when you hold it?), as well as the usual apples and carrots and celery. I also got some pink-skinned potatoes, mainly because the weather was a bit muddy, so I didn’t want unbrushed potatoes getting soil everywhere. I’m a serious potato-fan and have an opinion about most common varieties.

Now I have a pot of bushfood chai (also thanks to my mighty market) with soy milk, and life is extremely good.

Who else has exciting food this week? And what’s for dinner?

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