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What’s on the e-reader?

12. October 2008

I haven’t talked about my iLiad in a while, so I thought it was only fitting that I give you an update, since one of the things that’s been keeping me from talking about him is that,w ell, I use him all the time.

Faster than I ainticipated, iLiad has become part of my life. I take him with me everywhere, although I don’t necessarily find time to turn him on.

Yes, it’s one of the biggest downsides: it takes a while to get to where you want to be. it can take a good minute from taking him out of the bag to starting your much-anticipated read. So without a little planning, you’ll be stuck in line, on the tram or waiting at Flinders St station for your friends without a suitable read to keep you entertained FOR A WHOLE MINUTE!

It’s a tragedy, it really is. But on the upside, I’ve gotten really good at anticipating wait times and will turn iLiad on a bit earlier so he’s ready to entertain me at a monent’s notice. And since on standby, the thing consumes very little battery, it’s still a great idea.

Another project I’ve started is to transcribe things from writing books I use regularly onto the iLiad’s note-taking function. Mainly at the moment that means taking the questions from Donald Maass’ workbook (I talked about it earlier in the week) that I use regularly before writing a project and creating a sort of master list I can easily refer to.

Now, instead of lugging around the big, heavy and unwieldy workbook, I just need the iLiad and voila! Instant Q&A.

Other writing-related goodies on there:

  • Margie Lawson’s Deep Editing lectures in hmtl format
  • the snowflake method, html
  • Donald Maass’ Professional Novelist (free pdf from his website)
  • all craft-related blog posts from I (heart) presents)
  • a character questionnaire, refined by me
  • synopses of my projects
  • dramatis personae of my projects

It’s a great way not to have to search for your notes. They’re all right there where you need them. And for someone who routinely replaces, well, everything, that’s great news.

I’m also planning for my trip to Vietnam and Singapore next month and I’ll need some more e-books to take on board the plane with me.
I like the look of Books on Board for my e-book shopping needs. Does anyone have any other great sites to buy e-books from?

Also, what are the must-reads that I should get? What’s the best book you’ve read in the last three months?

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