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15. October 2008

I love audiobooks.
I love that I can take them with me and don’t have to sit down doing nothing.

I have a subscription to Audible, so I get two audiobooks every month, which isn’t quite enough, but will do at a stretch (I also listen to a lot of podcasts, my iPod isn’t much of a music machine, it seems). 

But with audiobooks, in contrast to reading yourself, the voice talent becomes a huge factor. This hadn’t occurred to me, since all of the books I listened to had great readers, but I just finished a book that grated on me. A lot.
The voice actress reading the book gave everyone a kind of oldish voice, croaky and deep. This was especially annoying for the main male character, as he sounded like a very old, very wheezy man. And the ditzy girl had a smkoing-in-the-bar voice that I just couldn’t reconcile with my image of her.
And these were all teenage characters!
It’s put me off getting the sequel in audio format, which is a shame, because they are some of my favourite books ever.

On the flipside, right now I’m listening to InterWorld, and the voice actor is twelve kinds of awesome, giving passion to the tale and unique voices to all the characters. I stayed up until 1am just listening, which is something I do super rarely.

What about you? Are you a traditionalist and will only take in stories printed on paper? Are e-books the way to go for you? Or are you a fellow audiobook aficionado? 

What’s the last book you read, in any format?

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  1. 15. October 2008 10:16 pm

    I’ve only heard a couple of audio books – one of the voices was the same lecture type voice that made me feel sleepy when I was at uni. So yep, I fell asleep. The other wasn’t too bad, but I don’t purposefully get audio books… oh, oh, now I’m going to create a ‘to be listened’ pile 😉

    I have only started reading e-books as well. But find them hard on my desktop. I need to place on on my eeePC and see how I go with it. My eyes need more of a break.

    So the last book I read was in trade paperback. The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Am reading Gossamyr by Michele Hauf (also a trade paperback).

  2. dianecurran permalink
    15. October 2008 10:18 pm

    I really haven’t been game enough to try audio books. I’m afraid my mind would wander off and I’d go off on some tangent and miss whole paragraphs at a time. My brain has too much stuff going on in it, I think.

    I find it hard to concentrate in my writers group when people read their work. I watch other people in the group, and they’ll pick out sentences and phrases and comment them, and I just think I don’t even remember hearing that.

    Words on paper – much better. But I suppose if I was listening to an audio book, I could always hit rewind.

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