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Dancing through life…

17. October 2008

I adore musicals. I love the idea of music playing when important things happen. I wish the world were choreographed for maximum impact. I wish I had stage lighting and people in exciting costumes and everything neatly wrapped up within two hours’ time.

I haven’t seen a musical in ages, partially because funds are tight and partially because Melbourne can be a bit of a musical dry zone. Well, for *good* musicals, at any rate.

But we’ve got Wicked. WICKED! only one of the greatest musicals ever, and the continuous obsession of a friend of mine and me.
Ask me about our drunken renditions of both Wicked and Avenue Q that one New Year’s Eve…

So tonight’s the night I finally get to see it, after everyone and their grandmothers has been and loved it and gushed about it. Fially!

No guessing what’s playing on my iPod all day today.


One short daaaaaay, in the eeeeemerald cityyyyy….

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