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Naming your alpha

23. October 2008
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Okay, so we all know that alphas are strong, dark, a little dangerous.
But were you aware that mothers of alphas are also naming-challenged?

Think about it. How many Jakes have you seen? Or Jack? how about Kanes/Caines? How about Jake Kane. Or someone named Steele. Max is another popular first name.
I’m not sure if they come with the Alphas 101 handbook, but they annoy me to no end. It’s like taking a cheap, much-used shortcut with the name.

My characters usually have some sort of issue with their names. It represents who they are, or who their parents thought they would be.

Isn’t it much more intriguing how someone named Earnest became the ruthless internet tycoon people love to fear today? Or what happened to Gerome, the sweet little boy that got laughed at for his weird name in high school?
If you introduce me to a Max Kane (which also sounds like a great erotica name) or another Jake, I know I’m getting a stock character, the loner who’s been hurt by a woman and will never love again until Josie/Jayne/Rose/Lucy comes along and shakes up his world with her curly/sleek/untamable hair and her bright/innocent/big eyes.

Can’t we do better than this? At least with the names?

Okay, bring it on. Pick up a book with an alpha hero and give me their names. If you write them, what was your last alpha’s name? Why?

And just to play, I changed my hero’s name from Jamie to Logan, after being advised that the name wasn’t ‘alpha’ enough. It was part of the reason why I’ve stopped writing Modern Heats (at least for now). Can’t handle the rules.

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  1. 23. October 2008 6:31 pm

    I find naming male characters really difficult. The names available are either really common and boring (John, Peter etc) or they’re totally US soap opera outlandish.(Ridge, Storm etc).

    Naming female characters is so much easier!

    And I’ve been guilty of naming a character Jake, although he wasn’t the one that she ended up with.

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