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The Query Process

24. October 2008

As of today, my current YA has officially garnered more interest than my upcoming release ever did.

Granted, this doesn’t mean anything in the scheme of things except that people might be more willing to look at the full MS straight up than they did last time. A lot of that could have to do with the fact that I am querying agents for the second time, so they might be more inclined to take a look at pages.

I also like to think that I’mgetting better at writing the query letter, if nothing else.

I’ve finished my galley edits and am about to send them to my editor, then it’s time for some more queries.
Why query when I’m geting quite a bit of interest?
Because it’s just that. interest. Until someone wants to sign me, I’ll keep querying widely. You never know what good things will come of it until you try.

Not everyone you query will like you. Hey, not everyone you query will even reply to you (even if they’ve asked for a full MS). And I love querying. I love crafting my pitch, polishing it to a bright sheen, then sending my work out there. It’s productive in a different way and makes me feel serious and pro-active.

Most other writers I’m in touch wiht don’t query widely. Which kind are you? Exclusive or spread out? Are you even looking at agents at all, or are you going straight to the editors that will throw money at you?

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