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You *make* time.

28. October 2008

I realised last night at 3am that I won’t have any more down time this year. This is both interesting and depressing, in a way.

The next week is going to be taken up with getting the new RWAus website up and running (or at least get the old site back up at last, then work on testing the new site so we won’t have to Band-aid it later on).
This involves me learning MySQL, an uphill battle when you have hours, not weeks to learn enough to create a secure membership login database. Oh what fun.

Once November rolls around, I’ll be knee-deep in my new project, a reward I’ve been looking forward to since, oh, about June.
In mid-November, I’ll be going overseas, and while that sounds like fun on the surface, I will be going with my parents, which means down time will be at an impossible low. And I have to fit them around my writing commitments (hello, deadlines! *swoosh*).
They will then come back to Aus with me and will stay here until the start of December.

By then, I’ll be finishing up my YA so it’s set for editing in the new year. Hopefully, this gets done by mid-December.
Then it’s time to tie up loose ends and get everything set up for the new year, including shuffling deadlines and commitments around.

Then the heat will hit. Hopefully, we get a late summer (it’s been on and off so far). I don’t function in hot weather.
What’s the opposite of hibernation? That’s where I’ll be until we get back to below body temperature out there. 

And they say writing is the occupation of women of leisure. i need to plan leisure, and I was lucky to find three weeks spread out over the entire year.

Okay, I’mj done complaining. I’m taking the afternoon off to do some more NaNo prep. The website can wait.
Well, it can wait until after my kung fu school’s grading, which is happening this Thursday.

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  1. 29. October 2008 1:57 pm

    Talk about go, go, go Kiki. You need to make time not only for your writing but for YOU too. It’s important to get some down time. Otherwise, you end up in zombie-land — well I do anyway ;))

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