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Love your Editor!

31. October 2008
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Today is Love Your Editor Day, so for those of you who have one, let them know how much you appreciate them.

Without our editors, our books would never be as good as they are when they go out to the public. No matter how much we polish and tweak and take our crit partners’ opinions on board, it takes an editor’s eye to really find out how to give your book that magic sparkle.

My editor at The Wild Rose Press, Jill Williamson (the senior editor for their YA line Climbing Roses), is not only a great editor in the fixing-the-MS way, she’s also a huge fan of my book, which is thrilling.
She even talked about it at a writers’ conference she went to in the US summer! How exciting is that!

She’s always responsive when I pester her with endless questions, and patient when I can’t get a scene right.

She’s the kind of editor you want for your book, and I’m very lucky to have her.

So love your editor today. I know I love mine.

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  1. 31. October 2008 6:44 pm

    How cool is that – there’s a Love Your Editor day. It’s great that you have a great editor Kiki.

  2. 1. November 2008 1:43 am

    Thanks for the kind words. I love you too!
    And Kiki’s book is awesome, which makes my job much easier.


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