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Getting the novel off the ground

2. November 2008

I love starting a new book, getting the tone just right and hitting it off with my heroine.

This morning, I finally got up to write the opening scene of my NaNo novel, and while it was a bit clunky at the start, it got much better about an hour in.
Of course, now that I have to keep my word count up, I have to type it all up as I go! Argh.
I will go through great lengths to avoid typing my longhand scribbles, and so far, I’ve had varying success with voice recognition software and scribble merger on the iLiad. I think I’ll try option two this time around and see just how many corrections I’ll need to make along the line.

Or I’ll just suck it up and type it up old-skool style, with the notebook awkwardly balanced against the speaker…

How’s your writing? Do you type as you go, or is longhand the way to go for you?

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  1. 2. November 2008 9:55 am

    Good luck with the new book!

    I haven’t tried longhand in a long time. No wonder my handwriting’s disgusting.

    ~ V

  2. dianecurran permalink
    2. November 2008 10:45 am

    Hey Kiki,

    I’m trying to avoid long-hand this year now that I’ve got an Alphasmart. Though I did write approx 250 words last night in my notebook when I got bored at my work function and decided that I’d rather be spending my time in Kirsty and Dylan’s company.

    Previously I’ve done a mixture of both. Longhand during the work day in my teabreaks to be typed up when I got home. And I’d have to type it up to work out my word count. And the bonus to that, is that you do a first edit when you type it up. I changed a few words and added some sentences to the stuff that I wrote last night.

    But I’m hoping that by typing everything this year, I’ll be able to write twice as much and finish the whole first draft in one month. But it will be rough. Very rough. Lots of editing required.

  3. 2. November 2008 9:25 pm

    I usually just type away. Thank goodness they taught us how to touch type in high school. Though during the June NaNo, I did start off my story in long hand. Never tried voice recognition software.

    Well done so far – at this point I can see 3251 words. Fab start!!

  4. Meaghan permalink
    4. November 2008 11:23 am

    I’m switching between long hand and typing. Once I get a good chunk (like a page or two) I take a break and type it up. It also alows my inner editor to go nuts for a few moments as I go. I end up adding a few extra words to the count each time and fixing small bits of clunk that creep in. Although I am being mindfull not to let that inner editor off the leash until December or I’ll never get to the illusive 50k mark.

    I had a slow start also. Only about 150 words down on Saturday and then nothing at all till Monday night. Todays been good though, another 1000 or so words to add in so far and the day is still young. God love the public holiday.

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