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Summer tiiiime…

11. November 2008

Summer is here with beautiful bright blue skies that just go on forever, cafes spilling out onto sidewalks and people displaying what they believe to be fashion.

Summer is also my least producitve time of the year. Between the heat and my parents visiting, very little gets done as far as gruntwork goes.

It’s not hot yet, and my parents aren’t here yet, so I’m getting work done while I can.
I’m doing one final email sprint before heading overseas, and then I’m going back in my hole to write for three solid days.

And then I’m off to live the jetset life! I’ve got three books to read, two MSes to crit, one proposal to edit and 20k of NaNo to write on the flights. I’m set.

What’s going to happen for you for the rest of the month?

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  1. dianecurran permalink
    12. November 2008 7:01 pm

    I’m sooooo Jealous, Miss Jetsetter. Have a fabulous time.

    As for me, the rest of the month is far from exotic. A trip to Kempsey, and a trip to Bowraville. A party Saturday night for the 20th anniversary of my writers group and the launch of our anthology. Working at 8am on Sunday morning (please don’t tell me that the majority voted for that time – don’t they have lives?). A trip to Urunga for the writers group Christmas party the following Saturday. My birthday which I will celebrate ???????? – haven’t decided how yet, but writing is looking good.

    Then a week of blissful writing, sleeping in and not going to work to round off the month and max out my word count.

  2. 13. November 2008 6:26 pm

    My goodness Kiki – I’m just tired reading all you are going to do. Mine is a little more straight forward – entering the Emerald.

    Have fun in your travels 🙂

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