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Gardening during drought

12. November 2008

We’re on water restrictions 3a here in Melbourne which means you can’t water all kinds of things (including lawns, ever). We have allocated watering days. For us, they’re Tuesdays and Saturdays, which happens to suit me quite well.

I was going to get my garden into shape with the help of a friend from kung fu, but for various reasons, we haven’t been able to schedule anything. So in order for the little seedlings to make it through the heat, I’ve planted them in temporary spots so they can relax their roots and have a better chance of absorbing some water and nutrients.

It’s fascinating. It rained so much up until last Saturday, and today as I was digging in the dirt (with a stick, because my trusty gardening tool appears to be lost. maybe somewhere under all the weeds…), it was bone dry and hard already. It hasn’t been punishingly hot, but hot enough nonetheless.

Fortunately, my tea tree (grown from a seedling the size of my palm) is large enough to shade about half the garden with nice, filtered light. It makes life so much more pleasant for both us and the plants.

Of course the cat adores being outside with me, even though I don’t want her to climb the fence and go exploring any more. She’s now collapsed on the lounge carpet, thoroughly exhausted from jumping over weeds and eating her weight in grass. Now if only I could get her to eat the weeds, too…

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