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Bowing out of NaNoWriMo

30. November 2008

So I didn’t end up finishing my book for NaNo. I didn’t even get half-way.

November is always difficult for me, and this year was no different. between an overseas trip that messed with my head, two tight deadlines dropping into my lap and my parents coming to visit, I haven’t written much except for the stuff that has an immediate chance of producing pay.

And as you know, I haven’t even blogged yet.

There are some changes happening in my life and I don’t expect things to settle down until the middle of next montha t the earliest. but change is good, and I’m riding the waves.

To all you naNo participants, winners and those just in the race alike, well done. Can’t wait to read you all in print some time soon if I haven’t already.

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  1. dianecurran permalink
    1. December 2008 7:55 pm

    24ks is still a good effort for all that you had going on. I’m not sure that I would’ve got a word written if I’d been in your place.


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