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Where’s Kiki?

6. December 2008

No, I haven’t fallen off the earth.

I’ve had a bit of a health scare followed by some family things I need to deal with. I’ll be back once things have normalised. until then, I’ll probably be offline. So sorry if your emails go unanswered or if I’ve been brief with you.

It’s not you, it’s me.

Hope everyone is having a great end-of-year season though, whether they’re into xmas, hannukah, commercialism, family time or just the end of a calendar year.
Do you have something fun planned? Have you had a great December experience? Let me know.
Share the cheer…

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  1. 6. December 2008 6:36 pm

    Well I hope things all settle for you soon Kiki ((hugs))

    We used to have Christmas every year at our house with the relatives and family friends. But no longer – it’s been more low key in recent years. I think our family just ran out of steam. So low key suits me just fine.

  2. dianecurran permalink
    7. December 2008 10:58 am

    Hey Kiki,

    “It’s no you, it’s me.” hmm,where have I heard that before? That’s right I was 15 and he was 16 and that’s what he told me after 6 months. Mind you, it probably was him – he used to dye his hair a different colour every week!

    I’m happy that you’re okay and I hope things become normal for you very soon.

    As for December for me, I ditched my work party last night (read The Host instead), I won’t be going to the extended family Christmas party this year as its in Sydney and I can’t take time off work, so it will be a very quiet one. Just me, the boy and the cat at home.

    But I am going to see TWILIGHT on Thursday night and that’s all that matters!

    Plus writing and editing, and burying my head into good books.

    Miss you!

  3. 7. December 2008 3:18 pm


    Sending you (((Hugs))) and hope all is well again soon in your world.

    December for me is all about my grandson and getting ready for Christmas. I love taking him shopping for his parents, he cracks me up with the things he decides to buy them each year.

    Best wishes for Christmas.

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