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New Year’s resolutions

8. January 2009

Ah yes, a new year. The perfect excuse to look critically at the things we didn’t accomplish and make bright, shiny plans for a better tomorrow.

This year, my big resolution is to scale back, to lower my expectations of both myself and those around me. I can’ do everything, i can’t control everything, and things are going to move and change at their own pace, whether I like it or not.

So really, my resolutions look a bit tame compared to some others I’ve been told (what is it about resolutions that makes people want to share them, anyway?)

in 2009, I resolve to

  • write 1-2 pages every day, rain or shine, weekends included. The point is not necessarily to write more days, but to write less in any given day. This was inspired by the Cory Doctorow article here.
  • read at least one book a week. This goes with the first point, in a way.
  • study my craft and become a better writer. Again, I am cutting time out of my writing schedule to read craft books, do courses, practice. I have proven to myself in the last two years that I can put out a lot of words. now I want to make them good ones. Better ones.
  • become a better cook and learn about new cuisines, tastes, preparation methods. Ideally, I want to find time for the occasional cooking class.
  • keep my volunteering in balance with everything else.
  • do something enjoyable every day and appreciate it as it happens.

That’s all. Not a lot of points. Quantifyable results for at least some of them.
We’ll see what things look like at the end of the year.

Well, I’ve shown you mine. What are your resolutions?

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